Monday, September 22, 2008

Pee Fairy Delivers: Sleep Mode Distracted

So, I writing this post in the middle of the night because once again the Pee Fairy has given me a bladder full of (well, pee of course) and I was forced to get out of my comfy bed with my warm husband to relieve myself, only to discover that now I am WIDE AWAKE!

It is okay; I know that their are hundreds of women just like me out there and are probably searching for 'funny insomnia posts' online as we speak.

It is so unfair; when we are younger, we have little children who continually keep us from getting a full night's sleep. When they become teenagers and start to drive, we try to stay up until the curfew hour only to find we cannot fall asleep once they are home, safe and have gone to bed. Now that my youngest child is off to college and I am an official empty nest Mom, I now get to "experience" an extended period of pre-menopausal conditions like insomnia and an occasional hot flash.

What gives? Who created us? (Okay maybe that's not fair, but I am tired and a little fuzzy).

Here's my favorite thing about the whole sleep issue and gaining weight issue: Studies show that is it good to get a full 7 to 8 hours sleep each night if you want to lose weight. The articles say, "make sure that you get your sleep or you will have difficulty losing those unwanted pounds". Well, just how do they propose we do that? It's not like we say, "I sure could use another layer of fat around my thighs and stomach, so I think I'll set my alarm for 3:00 AM!"

Time to go. It is morning now and the puppy wants his daily walk and any minute Bill will be coming out to get the newspaper. And I am ready for another fun-filled fuzzy day!


June said...

It definitely gets better. Hang in there!

Kristy said...

Oh I hate that...except I can only relate to when I was pregnant...I had to pee at least 20 times a night...ahhh I hated that!'ve been tagged, see my blog for details!