Thursday, October 30, 2008

Random Post

I was tagged today by Kristy at Woman in Pink, who was tagged by Dore over at Dores Diaries.

It's such an amazing coincidence because there are exactly 7 random things about me, so this is going to be a breeze!

1) I have a birthmark in the shape of a football on my right hip;

2) I spend 4 minutes a day trying products, brushing or reading about ways to make my hair grow faster;

3) I have no good answer when someone approaches me and asks me to help support a cause they find important to the world, so I always end up saying, "yes";

4) I love buying items at a live auction and need to approach these affairs somewhat sober or I spend too much money;

5) I am married to the second man with the name of William "Bill". If this marriage doesn't work out, all Bills' are off limit!

6) I want to live in the same town as my sister and it wouldn't matter what town that is;

7) Seven has always been my lucky number.

Very interesting stuff, I must admit. Now, I demand to hear about the 7 random things about the following people:

1) Lisa at DreamcatcherLisa

2) Gigi at Read My Message in a Bottle

3) Groupietails

4) Jiggety Jigg

5) Amy at An Authentic Life

Although I have the perfect 7 number of random things to know about this empty nest Mom, I can only think of five special bloggers to tag. Time to go to bed. Tomorrow we fly out to my my baby girl at her College Parent's Weekend!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Space Where Beth Works

Is there some correlation between becoming an empty nest parent and becoming a messy, unorganized person? Because if there is, I totally would be a perfect research participant for this study! I have no idea why my last youngest child leaves for school and I become unable to find anything of importance or function in manner that I had been accustomed to my whole adult life.

Okay, the reason stated by my ex-husband when they asked him in court why he wanted to get divorced, he said "Beth has poor organizational skills". But hear me out....I used to hang all our clothes in the closet in order, by color, then prints, with matching wooden hangers, all set two fingers apart! I handled all our financial affairs and did out taxes. All gifts and holiday cards were done and sent in a timely manner. I could go on, but you get the gist. Relatively speaking, I was more organized than most people.

I digress, but that's a whole other post!

When I worked in real estate development, my desk was the envy of all my co-workers. I had neat piles for each area (contracts, marketing, sales, entitlements, etc) placed in order of importance. The plants in my office were thriving and I always had healthy snacks in the office kitchen and my gym bag in the car ready at anytime to go exercise.

For whatever reason, now, I cannot seem to get my ducks in a row.

I have items for my blog mixed up with my insurance papers, cannot find my daughter's speeding ticket that I need to mail in(what's the due date?) and I have scattered pictures of family and my kids stuck all over in random fashion behind my computer. The only area that remains organized are my shoes in the closet. (They are placed perfectly in their little cubbie holes and are in order seasonally and by degree of "fanciness"). It's no wonder my posts seem to be "all over the place". Hey, I write them as I find them.

Clearly this new empty nest status is making me off-kilter and maybe I'll just wake up someday and be just like I used to be. I hope so, because this messiness is a bit annoying. I want to hear your story. Have your organizational skills changed since the kids have left the nest? Or, if you have little ones around the house now, are you organized? Just curious.

(Here are the random shots of my family mixed together with the article and picture of Sonia Vera who's supposed to inspire me to lose weight with her sassy swimwear collection and shots of her modeling the suits. Only it's not working because she is tucked behind a picture of my hubby and I cannot see her skinny body!)