Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Week Remaining before the Kids head back to College, but Who's Counting?

There is a sense of urgency in the air around our house this week. Both Jonathan and Laura head back to their perspective schools for the second semester and I feel like there is so much to be done and said before they leave.

First, I need to make sure they have written the thank you notes to the relatives who were wonderfully generous for the Christmas holidays. Of course, this isn't my problem and they should be the ones thinking and worrying about getting these getting off (and maybe they are), but I still place these kinds of responsibilities on myself as their Mother.

With Laura, I still want to give her some practical survival study skills and tell her more ways to keep healthy and not get sick during the colder winter months. She's lived her whole life in sunny Arizona and this winter in Pennsylvania's going to be a bit of a shock! I think she's going to love the climate change so it's not like she's going to be unhappy. I feel like I need to simply have her 'prepared' for what's coming. Also, she needs to spend an hour or two with Bill to go through her budget and her finances to make sure she's on track.

Jonathan is the harder one for me right now. He's the senior and will be graduating this May. We'd all be crazy if we didn't worry just a little bit about having to go out and get a job offer this year. (He's actually has been offered one job in Columbus, Ohio but it may not be exactly what he's looking for). Just talking adult to adult about jobs and opportunities and the future makes me feel better and maybe it's helping him, as well. And I sort of want to understand where he would be willing to live for future visits.

Jon's older brother took a position with a company right here in Arizona, so we can get together fairly often and I am just now (as I am writing this post) realizing that most probably, Jon will not be coming home after graduation. Well, maybe for a "vacation" before he begins his new job, but maybe NOT! Just got the chills....trying not to cry. Wait a minute...I'll be back in a few minutes.....

F*** !


Michelle said...

Oh my. I can't even begin to imagine how hard that is :/
The next 16 years are going to fly by, aren't they?

Frank Feeney said...

Beth What`s with the music. Ithought something was wrong with my computer. I can`t wait til I move out someday. HUH! Just ranting. Your friendly neighbor mechanic you can trust.

Julie!! said...

oh my Beth that must be very weird to think about! I got the chills when I read that... I can't imagine never seeing my John again. hark the Harold! what are we going to do?